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Name:      Aman Malaiya – BITM, 2022-2024

The job of an HR as per numerous books is for them to put the right individual for the right role. I believe that dealing with an individual on a personal level isn’t just the duty of an HR representative. An organization usually looks at an employee as a cost center to the company and AI is the answer to numerous cost-saving prayers. However, the fact is often neglected that motivated and well-treated personnel also tends to be the brand ambassador for the company.

I had an extremely terrific opportunity to be a part of the organizing team for the NHRD 25th National Conclave Annual Event, and I gained a lot of exposure being it was my first time being a part of such a community. Contributing towards organizing and managing such a significant event which attracted more than 1000 company delegates was an honor in itself. Throughout the three days of the event, I got acquainted with numerous firms’ CHROs and HR professionals. Getting to hear about their experiences was the cherry on the top as you learn so much when you get to see through other people’s lenses. A few of them also briefed us on what it takes to reach this level, how to handle all the obstacles, and the feeling of trepidation.

I had to navigate the event campus as a member of the organizing team in order to keep things under control and ensure that everything ran without any hindrances. Yet, despite my hectic schedule and also being under the weather, I was able to attend Mr. Masood Hussainy’s presentation on “100 Years+ (The TATA Story)” at Tata Advanced Systems. That was truly a mesmerizing session. I learned about the significant struggles that TATA had in their earlier years and how much determination and perseverance it took to reach this level. And one of the most remarkable reasons for them to achieve such remarkable success was that they did everything in their power to make sure the well-being of their employees and aided their progress throughout the years. The college gifted us “THE HEART OF WORK” book by Sir S. V. Nathan’s book. The book tells us about the life incidents that the author has encountered throughout his work, which is incredibly constructive and teaches us to be appreciative while making decisions. Grateful to your sir for penning down at such a deep and personal level and making me reflect on my own life. The whole experience of being a part of such a fantastic and educational event is indecipherable. Hyderabad will always be in my heart and I can’t help but feel like I’m parting away from something so amazing. I would urge everyone to be part of such an event as it would be a learning opportunity and would help you grow as a person, both personally and professionally. It isn’t an everyday event as you don’t get such wonderful insights within the span time of just 3 days.  A hearty thanks to our college as we were given the opportunity to attend such an insightful event. Looking forward to more such shared tasks, efforts, and smiles that I would value for lifelong.

 BITM, 2022- 2024

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1 year ago

Eloquently written! Adding “The heart of work” to my readlist.

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