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Name:      Bonthu Swarna Varshitha

In this session Mahesh Krishna Swami, Director of company X gave a brief description about project Taara and their future plans regarding project Taara.

Project Taara is expanding fast and providing affordable global internet access with beams of light and, extending high-speed, broadband connectivity to the unconnected.

The Taara team has piloted their light beam internet technology in India and Africa. Taara links offers a cost-effective and quickly deployable way to bring high-speed connectivity to remote areas. Taara links help plug critical gaps to major access points, like cell towers and WiFi hotspots, and have the potential to help thousands of people access the educational, business, and communication benefits of the web.

And their goal is bringing the internet to unconnected locations.

The Taara team is now focused on delivering 20+ Gbps connectivity over distances of 20+ km between each terminal and on making the units fast and easy for partners to deploy. The team is in conversation with Telcos, ISPs and governments around the world about the potential for wireless optical communication technology to significantly accelerate the deployment of the extensive, high throughput networks necessary to support the future of the web.

He also mentioned about installing Taara’s links to beam connectivity over the river, Taara’s link served nearly 700 TB of data — the equivalent of watching a FIFA World Cup match in HD 270,000 times — in 20 days with 99.9% availability. While we do not expect to see perfect reliability in all kinds of weather conditions in the future, we are confident Taara’s links will continue to deliver similar performance and will play a key role in bringing faster, more affordable connectivity to the people.

– Bonthu Swarna Varshitha

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