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Name:     Deepesh Yadav

The 5G revolution approaching to enhancing public safety. Public safety authorities should be able to do their duties more effectively thanks to consistent, fast connections, vast bandwidth, and low latency. For example, the capacity of 5G to enable higher volumes of high-quality video can help public safety professionals comprehend a specific emergency. Officials will have more time to fully assess the issue and plan appropriate responses as well as a more accurate picture of the incident. First responders’ transportation security may be improved with 5G.

Further, present generation considers smart cities as their future. Depending on its amount of originality, that mind can belong to a young individual or a middle-aged person. Imagine the ideas that a smart city could support If we start talking about the idea of smart cities, the list of potential applications will endless. Self-driving automobiles, robots performing complex procedures, and procuring necessary goods for us. All these amenities provided by smart cities may not only improve our quality of life but also strengthen our nation’s economy.

Furthermore, 5G services will take the gaming industry to the new heights. The number of gamers grew dramatically during the pandemic as it was the main source of entertainment to many, but soon people realised its actual potential. By combining a variety of technology and talents, the gaming industry is generating enormous revenue. One such example is advanced connection, or simply the 5G. Network problems and poor performance have always been a hindrance and a source of annoyance for many gamers. The gaming industry will grow faster thanks to 5G technology.

-Deepesh Yadav

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