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Name:         P. Shreyesh Patnaik

On 1st October 2022, 5G was launched by the Honourable Prime Minister Narendra Modi at India Mobile Congress 2022 (IMC 2022) in Delhi. It was the 6th edition of IMC and a four-day event in which various telecom and other companies took part to showcase their technologies.  5G promises faster network speed, lower latency, great network stability, and greater capacity. Many sectors will benefit from 5G as Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw earlier said “Telecom is a gateway of Digital India. Telecom is the root of all digital services that we are seeing in our modern life. 5G services will bring fundamental change in several sectors – education, health, agriculture, logistics, and banking. It will create new opportunities”.  Here are the top 5 sectors that are going to get benefits after the launch of 5G in India-

  • Healthcare
  •  The Healthcare sector will get enormous benefits from the 5G. The low latency and high speed can provide great support to AI and big data analytics which will allow real-time collaboration on large and media-rich diagnostic images.  With the help of 5G, wearables which are IoT-enabled will be able to provide real-time vital information for diagnosis. 5G can also help with the remote training of medical professionals

  • Manufacturing 
  • The goal of setting up smart manufacturing factories and units is not new for the world but it is possible with the help of 5G only. Through the capabilities of 5G, production efficiency can be increased and unnecessary human errors can be decreased.  Machine to machine communication will be easier and better, which will unlock the potential of robotics and IoT working together.

  • Agriculture 
  • We have already seen many innovations in agriculture industry but the problem we have faced was connectivity, especially in India. To help the agriculture industry stay connected, 5G can help to introduce and execute more innovative technologies like drone technology, autonomous vehicles, and real-time data collection. This will increase productivity and will enable better management of crops and livestock.

  • Education
  • After tough times like COVID, we have seen big growth in EdTech Sector. Aside from the Edtech sector, the everyday classroom will also get benefit from the help of 5G, as live stimulation of diagrams, and pictures are also possible now. For example, we can have a virtual tour of the human body and its vital organs like the brain, heart, etc.   With the help of technologies like Virtual Reality Headsets, learning can become fun as students will not only be learning but now will be able to experience it too. They can visit any faraway place and space or they can have a tour of history and historical places without actually going there. 

  • Transport
  • India is a country with a high accident rate. The introduction of 5G will allow real-time data collection and analysis through any vehicle sensors which will help to decrease accidents. Hi-tech cars which have self-driving capabilities rely on GPS and real-time traffic monitoring. These cars will have better mobility functions and will run smoothly. Advancement in this industry will make roads safer and environment friendly.

    Benefits have just begun

    There are benefits of 5G in many sectors. The journey of 5G has just begun and in this journey, we are going to see various innovations, technologies, and sectors evolving. Many big companies have already invested in 5G and are contributing to the development of various sectors. The launch of 5G will not just give benefits to different sectors but to every common man also. So, hold on tight and enjoy this new generation. 

    -P. Shreyesh Patnaik

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