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Name:       Aakash Agarwal

Building a quality media and audience reachability are the two most important factors is new trends in television broadcasting. As in day-to-day life we observe that the world is misinformed by the fake news, quality of the information has become a primary challenge for many companies. Furthermore, as per research, only 8% of the people in the world watch TV only, 36% of the people use only digital platforms for consuming the news. It is common now-a-days not to have a TV at home, but to use a computer to watch news and shows.

Hence, to solve such a problem broadcast industry came up with new innovations and adaptations which will resolve the quality as well as reachability issue faced by the industry. This is possible through use of new 5G technology, AI, machine learning, e-commerce and data analysis.

The AI is most often used in video analytics and manages the manual process, which will work faster with the new 5G technology, and this will reduce the human intervention and ultimately increase the quality delivery contents.

One of the essential steps in the broadcasting digitization process is using a new content delivery system. It means that broadcast television cover all possible places in our homes. As mentioned above, people are preferring smartphones and computers to access all news and shows. Hence, to reach them through such devices, television and broadcasting industries had introduced themselves on over-the-top (OTT) platforms. The future of television broadcasting is almost dependent on building a close connection with users in all apps. It means that they can find news, weather forecasts, or other real-time generated content in their favourite apps for consumers. This will help the television broadcasting industry to reach maximum people with updated information and easy navigations.

Through these technologies, the streaming can be made automated and updated. Digitalization and new 5G technology in the industry will change the future of broadcasting industry.

-Aakash Agarwal

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