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Name:       Jayan Kumar Mishra

I got the opportunity to listen to the Information and Technology Minister Shri Ashwini Vaishnav at India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022 in New Delhi. He spoke about how India is on its way to achieve a $5 trillion economy by 2028 and how 5G technology is going to play a vital role in it. He also put some light on how this internet market in India will become a $1 trillion market before 2030 and the steps the Government of India (GOI) is taking to achieve this milestone.

He elucidated about the start-up culture which is growing from the past 5 years in India and the various schemes created by the government helping the same. The SEZ (Special Economic Zones) created and the leverage given to them has also played a very huge role in the development of the “Unicorns” and currently India has more than 100 unicorns.

The entrepreneurship culture we are creating is going to play an important role in achieving our target. As our PM has said in his various speeches, “Don’t be a job seeker, rather be a job generator”, so that we can be a self-reliant country and move closer to the vision of Atma-nirbhar Bharat. He assured the startup companies that GOI is standing behind these budding companies for any assistance they require. He also said that his offices are always open for innovative talks so the visionary with ideas with him/her can come to him whenever they require.

The leaders at IMC 2022 had a very broad vision about 5G technology in India. They all are of the view that 5G services are not only meant for internet surfing but it has more potential. It is going to change the lifestyle of every Indian. Automation will be found in almost every industry with the entry of 5G technologies. He proudly mentioned that the whole technology was completely developed and produced in India, by India and for India and he congratulated each and every one who contributed his/her bit into it.

– Jayan Kumar Mishra

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