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Name:    Ambadi Udaykumar

Conversation Intelligence refers to the combination of call transcription and the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) to create valuable meaning from the conversation with human customers. Its applications can vary from a text based conversation to a live call based conversations. Their use is not just restricted to customers service based companies any more. Today, companies such as DeHaat, are providing farming community with end to end farming solutions via bots in India. DeHaat went ahead to micro target farming problem in large farms and even predicting future problems that could occur in the farms by communicating with farmers via bots.

Conversational AI have been able to communicate with customers in local languages as well, meaning, bots have become multilingual. The Conversational AI have gone so far that they adopt and mimic human conversations that are indistinguishable for a real human.

With the mass evolution in technology comes huge demand as well, conversational AI are expected to be up in running soon. At its core, Conversation Intelligence compiles to a large number of customer interactions and performs meaningful analysis on these interactions in a short amount of time. Better customer experience and shorter waiting time are some of the great benefits for the industries. Conversational AI also need huge resources as well as regular updates since human interactions and query could vary.

– Ambadi Udaykumar

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