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Name:      Omkar Yejare

Our university was the official academic partner for Indian Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022.

IMC 2022 was a massive and fabulous event that I have seen in my life.

On Saturday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the IMC 2022 exhibition at the Pragati Maidan in the Capital.

On the 75th year of Independence, India is making various resolutions to build a new future. One that extended the collective aim of the country and its leadership to become self-reliant and globally developed, whether it is in education, healthcare, defence, agriculture, technology, or manufacturing.

In this pursuit, India has added a new intent – to become self-reliant in Electronics System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM), with a special focus on semiconductor manufacture An area that has far-reaching geopolitical ramifications. Chips are all over in electronics – from smartphones to cars, drones, and military systems.This requires a domestic ecosystem that can sustain supply without the need to depend on global supply chains.

The need to have a potent ecosystem at home has become a world wide phenomenon, with Western and Eastern countries alike investing in, expanding and customizing chip manufacturing to thwart shortages experienced over the past two years because of covid-induced disruptions and the geopolitical situation.

India, must expand its strategies, and in the words of Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi aims to transfigure itself from a chip taker to a chip maker by generating capital, infrastructure and a highly skilled workforce.

India has already brought out the ‘Semiconductor Mission’ and sanction the ‘Semicon India’ programme with a speculation of Rs. 76,000 crore under the production-linked incentive scheme for the growth of semiconductor. The mission requires systems to ensure a reliable semiconductor supply chain for production equipment, raw materials, and precision tools, among other essentials, helping in manufacturing. Strategic steps are also being taken to uplift, incentivize and ease to indigenous intellectual property right and transfer of technology, and forge international collaborations for training, skilling, R&D and commercial linkages.

The country has an abnormal semiconductor design talent pool, which comprises up to 20% of the world’s semiconductor design engineers. Moreover, many of the top 25 global semiconductor design companies have design or R&D centres in India.

The things to do now is to move forward with expediting great investments, building powerful infrastructure, ensuring a quality workforce, and putting tremendous stress on courage areas such as patent registration, marketing, R&D.

Need of Semiconductors

The global semiconductor or chip supply crisis, which began after the pandemic in 2020, has intensified over the past few months and major companies in many industries are struggling to meet the rising demand for electronic goods and components. Semiconductor manufacturing requires lot of investment and there is no such manufacturing company in India as of now.

What is behind the worldwide chip shortage?

Chip, or semiconductor, which is the brain-centre of any electronic technology, have found itself a rarity in the post-covid era, with many large factories shutting down in places like South Korea and Taiwan. This has created a buzz in demand that these foundries were unable to satisfy once they opened.

On the one hand, the pandemic caused an increase in the demand for electronic devices like computers, laptops, and smartphones etc. Manufacturing and logistical constraints meant that the situation was only exacerbated. This shortage that started last year is expected to continue till 2022, and to prevent such a situation in future, many companies are planning to reduce their reliance on only a few big factories which supply to the whole world.

– Omkar Yejare

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