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Name:         Riya

5G is the new revolution. 5G is the need of the hour. It’s for everyone, it’s for every sector. As the launch of 5G has enabled various different dimensions and milestones for numerous sectors, it has also bought some challenges and trends with it. According to Mr. Avinash Pandey, CEO of ABP news network, the TV landscape in India has evolved dramatically in the last decade. The few pointers are-

1. Advertiser demand for TV has never been greater. India is set to become the 3rd largest TV market globally by 2028. 2. There has been a proliferation of content across streaming services and linear offerings. 3. The number of ways to access TV content has exploded. 4. Viewership habits have changed substantially over the last decade – notably over the last few years.

In this smart digital world, there’s a shift in viewing habits as well. Almost 89% of the TVs sold today are smart TVs and 48% of homes opt for 3 or more VOD services. And with this, a new concept called ADDRESSABLE TV ADVERTISEMENT has also emerged. Addressable TV is the ability to show different ads in different households while they are watching professionally produced TV content on the TV screen across on-demand and live streamed content. The goal is to have 40 million addressable TV homes in India by 2025. India already has 17-20 million addressable TV homes now.

Some other new trends which follow are 1. Augmented reality studios which use real time realistic 3D graphics using an intuitive interface. This will offer enhanced storytelling for better interaction between presenters and graphical objects. 2. Interactive TV and the second screen. 3. Virtual cloud production and playout. Nearly all broadcasters are making a switch to cloud computing in order to provide a seamless experience for creating , sharing and viewing information while controlling both time and cost. 4. The NEXTGEN TV – ATSC 3.0 technology is an improvement in Over-the-air (OTA) or an antenna-based TV system that works with the internet to offer a fantastic user experience.

With these upcoming trends, we also have some challenges coming along.

Mr. Sanjiv Shankar, who is the joint secretary at MIB, says that, “Those who understand technology don’t understand revelation and those who understand revelation don’t understand technology.” Broadcasting is the fastest media. 60% people watch tv and 20% people have access to radios. He believes that even if alternate technologies come up, answer is co-existence and not displacement.

So, in a nutshell, 5G has opened so many doors for improvement and advancements in Broadcasting sector. We can expect a new user experience while watching TVs anytime soon now!

– Riya

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