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Name:         Priya Ojha

5G inauguration held on 1 October 2022 by honorable Prime minister Narendra Modi gave a broader perspective on Telecom sector. The event was organized in Pragati Maidan Noida, Delhi.5G would help economy to grow digitally into various sectors like healthcare, e-commerce, transportation, retail, media entertainment and in building smart cities and 5G would boost up startups too.

Sectors that will majorly emerge in India due to 5G are-

  • Cloud gaming
  • Education
  • Media and entertainment
  • Metaverse
  • Construction Models
  • Cloud gaming

    5G launch would enable users and gamers to enjoy online gaming anywhere on any connected device with online streaming. As to have a practical experience VI, Airtel and JIO and other gave exposure and a glimpse in INDIAN MOBILE CONGRESS 2022. According to Ericsson’s execution at IMC the good news about 5G gaming is that 5G latency is expected to be significantly lower than 4G latency. That can make a major difference to the gaming experience—delivering smoother gameplay even with large numbers of concurrent users on the network. 5G is designed to significantly reduce latency. Overall, this generation of wireless is expected to provide a 10X decrease in end-to-end latency. This can drastically improve current user experiences and open the door to brand new ones. This will boost up startup’s in India to launch online gaming


    According to Ericsson’s execution at IMC, learning can become more immersive and dynamic with the help of 5G, making remote learning more engaging and interactive. The delivery of lessons using augmented reality or virtual reality tools can increase the immersive nature of learning. By bringing theoretical concepts to life, AR/VR can aid students in better understanding their lessons. The key benefits of 5G are faster transmission speeds, lower latency, which increases remote execution capability, a bigger number of connected devices, and the ability to construct virtual networks (network slicing), which offers more tailored connectivity to specific demands.

    Media and Entertainment

    Communications service providers (CSPs) will be able to take advantage of the growth of mobile media by using 5G technology to unleash the potential of entertainment and deliver content via the internet without the need of an IPTV, cable, or satellite provider. By utilizing 5G technology to unlock the entertainment potential of mobile media and distribute content via the internet without the need for an IPTV, cable, or satellite provider, communications service providers (CSPs) will be able to profit from the rise of mobile media. 5G presents an excellent opportunity to enhance the OTT viewer experience as the demand for high-quality content and uninterrupted streaming increases, especially since video consumes the bulk of mobile internet traffic today. Social Media Will Have More Video Thanks To 5G. This will enable a data stream to receive a “slice” of bandwidth, giving it precedence over requests for little amounts of bandwidth.


    Three things about 5G internet will affect the metaverse: By accelerating data transit and improving data quality, users will be able to engage with their digital information more realistically. Users can immerse themselves more fully in new worlds. 5G will help the metaverse reach its full potential. 5G can enable exciting uses like metaverse VR, and metaverse XR, and help make Web 3.0 a reality. 5G offers swift connectivity speed, ultra-low latency and wider bandwidth which has helped in advancing the metaverse. Compared to 4G LTE networks, 5G can offer lower latency, more capacity, and faster speeds. It is among the most reliable and quick technologies the world has ever seen. It has a tremendous impact on how we live, play, and work because it results in considerably less lag and faster downloads. Businesses should become more efficient because to 5G’s speed and other connection advantages, while customers should have access to more information faster than ever.

    Construction Models

    As part of its ongoing 5G trials on government-allocated 5G spectrum, Vodafone Idea (VIL) and the Smart World & Communication business of Larsen & Toubro have teamed for a pilot project to evaluate 5G-based smart city solutions. In a pilot to be held in Pune, the firms will work together to test and validate 5G use cases built on IoT, Video AI, and L&T’s Smart City platform – Fusion, tackling the concerns of urbanisation, safety & security, and providing smart solutions to the inhabitants. VI and L&T smart work were also part of IMC were they have executed their project successfully.

    -Priya Ojha

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