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Name:          Ambadi Uday Kumar

Data forge will be established between IOT for interconnected devices with over 27.1 billion devices with coming of 5G. According to Samarth Saxena, the Chief Business Officer of Sinch, a computer software company, with wallpapers app asking for location and camera permission, we should look into the possibility of self-driven car getting hacked in future.

Data democratisation is the ability of information in a digital format to be accessible to average end users. This kind of paradigm shift brings new ethical and juridical problems which are mainly related to issues such as the right of access to information, the right of privacy which is threatened by the emphasis on the free flow of information, and the protection of the economic interest of the owners of intellectual property. Companies ask for user’s data and obtain the necessary data, but these companies are legally obliged to delete the data as soon as they are done with it.

However, in Indian context, there are no strong rules laid out with respect to data privacy. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that users can be protected only if they want to be protected. 33% of people still uses ‘123’ as their passwords, which clearly indicates consumers careless.

The 5th generation network is not just performance booster, but is also a technology enabler. Security and data privacy continues to be major concern with growing network. Hence, one can safely conclude that the use of technology in the processing of information will always possess important questions with regard to an individual’s right to privacy. There are always chances of privacy breach.

“Hence, it is important to create practical guidelines for information professionals to handle such problem. Right to privacy is directly linked to the right to freedom of an individual”.

– Ambadi Uday Kumar

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