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Name:           Dewanshi Chouhan

The amount of mobile data traffic on the planet has significantly expanded during the past several years. We have witnessed how quickly the world has transitioned into the digital age over the last two years during post covid era. According to different studies that are available, India has advanced past this stage of development. To the delight of those who are interested in technology, both the local business community and the general populace have embraced this transition. The act of a semi-urban or rural Indian making a digital payment for a small amount of money is no longer considered taboo. Remote patient care is also no longer uncommon, and video calling is quickly becoming the standard method of communication in all contexts, including business meetings and social gatherings. Banking, entertainment, e-commerce, education, etc. the list is never ending, is how the world is changing the way we live now. Automation, augmented reality and virtual reality are all part of our lives today. Yes, this is all digital universe, and this is the universe we live in; albeit there is much more for this universe to consume from the physical world today, and the transformation is on at a massive pace.

The launch of 5G services by the honorable Prime Minister of India, is yet another significant turning point in the country’s economic development and will improve both commercial and personal convenience. It will significantly advance Atma Nirbhar Bharat and revolutionize India’s digital sector, as well as disaster management, healthcare, education, logistics, and transit. With the launch of 5G and the anticipated advancements, India will purely make a dramatic and significant change in the lives of the general public, just as 4G did.

Human-centric data-driven use cases for access to multi-media content, services, and data will be facilitated by 5G. Stable throughput, latency, and availability parameters are required for application domains such as virtual reality, video monitoring, mobile cloud computing, 360-degree ultra-high-definition (UHD) video streaming, real-time gaming, etc. The multiplier effect on the economy will depend on the speed and caliber of 5G development.

There are several key factors to making Digital Bharat a true success.

1) Right technology and innovation – 5G and beyond, to build the digital systems and broadband highways for the future. 2) Right enablement – easy clearances, RoW, policy framework 3) Right use cases – to bridge rural urban divide, India specific applications 4) Right skillset – people culture and right amount of digital literacy to use digital services 5) Right cyber security – to operate safely in a fully digital environment

India is progressing to become a trillion-dollar economy by 2025, and 5G will play a major role in achieving this goal. Today as 5G lays foundation for a connected society and a greener economy, it will bridge the digital divide for an inclusive digital ecosystem. It should be kept in mind that there cannot be any other way to go green and limit or reverse ecological damage without adopting a digital lifestyle. Reducing carbon footprint and energy consumption will need changing of old ways and embracing of digital technologies in a new world.

5G has the potential to revolutionise civilization when combined with the modern technological advancements that are sweeping the globe—mobile-first computing, real-time processing at the edge, widespread adoption of cloud technology, AI and analytics, IoT, etc. The emergence of 5G coincides with an increase in ecosystem play and social collaboration as well as a shift in technology toward the creation of human-centric experiences. With more and more items and technologies intelligently connecting to one another, the world is quickly becoming omnipresent.

“Exciting new prospects are being created for both people and businesses thanks to 5G. The country’s launch will be crucial to achieving the government’s aim for Digital India. Digitization plays a significant role in India’s goal of a $5 trillion economy. This calls for investments in telecommunications infrastructure that look to the future.”

– Dewanshi Chouhan

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