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Name:        Arpit Khandelwal

We often see people throwing around the words like metaverse or web 3.0. People are saying that this is the new internet revolution that’s going to change the whole structure of operations on the internet as we know it. It will open new opportunities for the society.

But that makes us curious that what is web 3.0? How will 5G help it

boost? Let’s first understand the Web 3.0

The third generation of internet, or Web 3.0 is being built on the foundation that users will have more control over their data and profiles. Even while it seems idealistic, it would give control back to the people, removing it from organizations like Google, Apple, and Meta that profit from the data that passes through their servers. Web 3.0 is designed to function without servers, depending on a network of devices, barring any one entity to control data. This would basically mean decentralization of data.

Now with the help of third generation web, the term metaverse was coined. metaverse is a virtual space where users can spend time and/or money just like the real world. The metaverse is meant to resonate with the basic social structure that supports human society. Once in the metaverse, you and/or your avatar are able to interact humanly by looking into each other’s eyes, perceive body language and maybe even shake hands or hug each other.

Now you might wonder how the launch of 5G by our honorable PM in our country will boost the metaverse.

Actually, the metaverse requires highly reliable, high throughput and bounded latency networks that are significantly more demanding than the current best effort services for mobile broadband. And 5G is ready to deliver those challenges. 5G would mean lower latency, better speed, wider coverage. Also because of these advantages the cloud services will also become seamless ultimately making it widely accessible. A 5G-connected metaverse can significantly improve churn for communications service providers. Operators can offer pre-packaged metaverse experiences that enable the development of vibrant communities. There will be opportunities for consumers as well as B2B and B2G, e.g. providing training in VR offered metaverse. To sum it up the network edge will help in allocating more network resources to deliver more capacity and higher-bandwidth connectivity for metaverse applications. The underlying 5G infrastructure will advance the consumer and enterprise metaverse use-cases.

With that coming in there comes a little challenge of security among users. To that there was a session at India Mobile Congress 2022 between TRAI chairman, National Cyber Crime Department and many others telling us that how they plan to tackle these challenges.

“With the gradual rollout of 5G, there will be an unprecedented disruption in Web 3.0 and metaverse spaces leading to a transformational shift in the way we will deal with virtual world in times to come”.

Arpit Khandelwal

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