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Name:     Abhishek Jain (BIMM)

As we all know, the 5G technology was launch in India at India Mobile Congress (IMC) 2022, by our Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi. Many corporate giants, leaders, businesses attended this event. IMC had organised several sessions related to 5G and its benefits, how it will impact businesses, consumers and our economy in terms of both growth and development. These sessions were taking places simultaneously in five different halls at the venue. The topic for discussion in one such session was data privacy.

Data privacy also known as information privacy, is the collection and processing of personal data and other data like financial and intellectual property data of users or customers and ensuring confidentiality and security for them. How to use the technology morally, how to use it in the right way is data ethics.

We are living in the era of digital economy, where we need to constantly look out for threats from hackers, trackers, and companies collecting personal information and using it without consent.

So, are we being monitored and is our data safe? India has launched 5G recently, at India Mobile Congress in Delhi, the nation is looking forward to faster network and connectivity. But how will 5G impact data privacy and ethics?

5G should escalate privacy by design approaches that are service oriented and mobile operator need to adopt privacy based approach where sensitive data is stored locally and less sensitive data stored in the Cloud.

“Time has changed, today there are stronger regulations and rules to safeguard customer’s data. This creates pressure on corporate giants and businesses to obtain informed permission from customers before processing their data on 5G networks. Also, Zero Trust model of security will check that every access request is fully authorised, encrypted and authentic. Zero Trust means trust no one with everything”.

– Abhishek Jain, (BIMM)

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