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Name:     Aakash Agarwal

On 1st October, 2022 our honourable Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi has launched 5G technology in Indian Mobile Congress (IMC) which was held in Delhi. 5G technology is significantly faster than the 4G, and with the launch of 5G technology In India a new horizon of opportunities has been unleashed. Cloud gaming has brought a revolution in the gaming industry. Any gaming service that enables gamers to access and play video games over a live-streamed link without needing to download the game to their device is cloud gaming.

For cloud-based gaming service to function properly, it needs a fast, stable, and low latency network. The server accepts the user’s control inputs, processes them, and then tries to deliver the result as soon as it can. So, it all comes down to how “fast” the server can respond to the input without showing considerable lag, as even a slight delay will spoil your tactic game move.

This requires a network with a very low time gap between the request and response. Here comes the role of 5G in cloud gaming. It promises very low latency of near 5 milliseconds, while 4G latency ranges from 30 ms to 100 ms. This will facilitate cloud gaming services to run without any delay.

“Cloud gaming also has an advantage with constant evolution of mobile technology, smartphones have become the most common device for gaming. As per a report, India currently has 30 crore mobile gamers user. And with 5G technology cloud gaming will going to see new heights”.

-Aakash Agarwal 

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