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Name:                Vineet Tiwari

5G is all set to come to your mobile phones. With Prime Minister Narendra Modi launching 5G services in the country, telecom operators are now looking to roll out the services in the next few days, at least in few Metro Cities.

And just as we prepare ourselves for 5G in the market, a new standard, called advanced 5G and 6G is already coming up. It promises to inject more intelligence, boost the overall performance and do all that with the environment in mind. As per the industry standards, 5G Advanced is like an upgrade on the existing 5G network connectivity. Telco expect the network coverage to drastically improve, giving you consistent fast internet speeds. But it’s not just going to be about connectivity with 5G Advanced, as its capabilities are meant to surpass the existing features offered by the 5G network. It serves to inject more intelligence into solutions and deliver an improved end-user experience.

5G To 5G Advanced

  • Drive business evolution, consumer and enterprise
  • Drive eco system development
  • Drive network capability enhancements.

Preparing for 6G

  • Push early research, assess new Technology, Define Vision
  • Evaluate Feasibility
  • Plan for definition
  • Assess use case Potential

Examples of important 6G use cases include e-health for all, precision health care, smart agriculture, earth monitor, digital twins, cobots and robot navigation. These use cases can be sorted into three broad use case scenarios: the Internet of Senses, connected intelligent machines, and a connected sustainable world.

Future Applications of 6G

Connected intelligent machines

6G networks will support new types of intelligent entities such as AI-powered intelligent machines that need to be able communicate with each other and solve problems without human involvement.

The Internet of Senses

In the Internet of Senses, devices, sensors, actuators and context-aware applications will make our digital experiences richer, involving all our senses, and ultimately merging the digital and the physical worlds.

Network energy savings

In this transformative time, when we must work together to halve global carbon emissions by 2030, and then halve them again by 2040, both 5G and 6G will be essential tools for building a better, more sustainable future.

XR can be the Next Paradigms Shift after the smartphone with 6G

XR is all about giving you access to those details and turning that flat screen into an immersive and meaningful experience. For work meetings and classes, this could be a holographic representation of colleagues or students, or spatial sound that places you in a group of people where discussions can flow naturally. But XR can also take advantage of spatial understanding, object detection and the mapping needed to make applications work – for example, providing smarter and more customized solutions for consumers.

6G network capabilities

To serve as the platform for a vast range of new and evolving services, the capabilities of wireless access networks need to be enhanced and extended in various dimensions. This includes classic capabilities, such as achievable data rates, latency, and system capacity, but also new capabilities, some of which may be more qualitative in nature.

3GPP Success drives Society Growth

3GPP Spirit

  • Stimulates cooperation and Stimulates Competition
  • Drives innovation and business Value over identified open interfaces

3GPP Foundations

  • Open Standard & Global Acceptance
  • Industry Driven & Multi – Party way of working
  • Clear by Laws & clear cross – License Rules

Recommendation for India in coming Years

  • Important to drive Evolution to 5G advanced
  • Need to qualify best technologies for demands for 2030 and beyond.
  • Open Standards for 2/3/4/5G and have the Strongest Eco system
  • Wide acceptance of standards Drives scale and lower Cost.
  • Potential for Indian entities to participate in definition of 5G Advanced and 6G
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