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Aman Somani

Name:                         Aman Somani

Specialization:            International Business & Marketing

Native Place:               Jaipur, Rajasthan

Institute:                       BIIB

Batch:                            2019-2021

Company Placed:       LODHA

Designation Offered: Sales Executive

Aman Somani

International Business & Marketing

Native Place:
Jaipur, Rajasthan



Company Placed:

Designation Offered:
Sales Executive

The first time I heard about the 365 days curriculum, I just wondered how it would be possible for me, to work 365 days, that too with at most dedication and perfection to be successful. I was even hesitant to join the campus. But trust me, that decision to join the campus… made all the difference.

8th June 2019, was my first day on campus. The first day itself was filled with great enthusiasm, energy, which eased our worries about the future. Within the first 10 days on campus, it didn’t feel like, I am an alien to this place. It felt like a second home and the experience with conducting cultural, participating in life-changing seminars and lectures, provided immense learning. I did my graduation in management, but the first time I got hands-on experience in it was only in SBUP. Be it organizing events, taking initiatives, building leadership qualities, self-management, and much more.

After the induction period got over, the real journey started full of new challenges. There were days, when we appeared for surprise tests, gave presentations, and plenty of assignments in a single day!!

And trust me it all became habitual, and I was not only able to manage the hectic schedule but also started enjoying it. After all, the most memorable journeys are the ones that have the most hardships.

From the professional front- In an environment like the one on the campus, the first thing you learn about is discipline and “self-management”. No professor or lecturer teaches you this, because you are able to learn it all by yourself, and this is where the beauty lies. In the personal sphere, you build ever-lasting friendships and lifelong memories.

The final year of the MBA curriculum was through digital mode, which had its own set of challenges in areas of learning and placements. All of my wishes and expectations were confronted with their practical equivalents during the intense grooming sessions at college. At the same time, I was both excited and confident. Sitting through Pre placement talks and other processes and interviews was a great way of learning and experiencing what the companies want from you.

With regards to placements, the most important thing to be kept in mind is perseverance and patience. Nothing comes easy. But remember we are Balajians and we seek opportunities in every problem!! MBA is an experience and not just a degree. It’s an amalgamation of your success, learning, and memories.

Thank you!

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