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Let’s Put These Myths About MBAs to Bed!

MBA – Masters in Business Administration is one of the most critical steps to take if you want a career that starts with the best. MBA colleges are ample in nature, but only a few are able to deliver a course that will accelerate your growth.

As mentioned earlier, over thousands of colleges only in India offer MBA courses, but are they all worth it? Students and parents are often confused about choosing the right college or the right specialisation.

With these many options comes a few myths that students tend to believe. Let us burst some of the most common myths people believe in about MBA courses and aspirants.

MYTH 1: Masters Of Barely Anything!

There are still some people who fail to understand the concept of MBA courses. They often feel that the curriculum teaches everything about the business, making the students masters of no skill.

This is not true!

A well-planned MBA course helps you attain knowledge about the entire business first and then makes you choose a specialisation. An array of subjects are available, and whichever is befitting to your goals, you can select that subject. After you take up a specialisation, the curriculum focuses only on the subject you have chosen, thus making you the master of a particular skill and knowledge about other aspects.

MBA students are not just masters of a single skill but also aware of all the processes involved in a business.

Myth 2: You Should Have a Business Background to Enroll in an MBA

MBA is a professional course, and some countries demand work experience, but it is not valid for Indian MBA programs. MBA in India does not require work experience, though it is an added advantage if you have one.

Work experience or having a business background is not necessary if you clear the entrance exams and have the correct marks. MBA prepares you for the world of business and transforms you into a professional who will only add value to an organization.


Myth 3: Business Schools are too expensive, can’t afford it.

Business schools are more expensive than graduation programs, but every penny here is worth it. In addition, some of the famous colleges have financial assistance available for the students to ease the fee payment.

An MBA program is not just a postgraduate program, and it includes professional networking, skill learning, workshops to understand how a business runs, and more. After successfully completing the course, placement assistance in good colleges is the perfect opportunity to grow in your career.

After completing MBA, various opportunities are available to experience the true sense of achievement.


Myth 4: Only People Who Manage Other Need an MBA

This one is undoubtedly the most significant myth! MBA is for all kinds of professionals who want to take a step ahead in their careers.

MBA is for everyone who wants to grow bigger in their career. MBA trains you for managerial roles and teaches various processes about the business. If you have clear goals and want to kickstart your career towards achieving the same, then MBA is the launchpad you need.

Myth 5: People should apply for an MBA with the primary intention of getting a high-paying job

 Every MBA course does give you placement assistance, but it should not be your only intention to enrol yourself in the program. Instead, the colleges conducting MBA courses are a way to enhance your journey towards achieving your career goals.

MBA curriculums encompass every aspect of the business world and include live projects as well, giving students a clear picture of how things work. In addition, the workshops that the colleges conduct are often delivered by industrial experts, ensuring the best of knowledge is passed on.


Why Choose Sri Balaji University, Pune (SBUP) For Your MBA?

Sri Balaji University, Pune (SBUP) is a prestigious university in the city. Professor Dr. (Col) A. Balasubramanian, the university’s founding father and Chancellor, oversees and leads the institution.

MBA candidates learn marketing, finance, operations, human resource management, problem-solving, critical thinking, logical analysis, leadership, and team management. In addition, the MBA program by Sri Balaji University, Pune (SBUP) provides students with the opportunity to connect and network with experts from other sectors and establish a strong network that can help them in the long run. The well-planned programs also provide students with a forum where they can compete in case study competitions.

SBUP MBA qualifications are ideal for students who want to develop interdisciplinary knowledge. The courses help students to imbibe strategic thinking, build strong communication and negotiation skills that employers value.

The MBA programs offer a very comprehensive course with industry-relevant topics. From placements to curriculum to mentors, the college ensures the best of everything for the students. Putting every effort to build the leaders of tomorrow, an MBA program in SBUP is the perfect way to kickstart your career.

If you think you need to upgrade your career, join hands with SBUP to enhance your professional journey! 

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