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Digitalisation: The New Ally for Budding MBA Aspirants

All industries have recognised post-pandemic the importance of digitisation. As digital transformation takes place rapidly, the amount of data produced every day is massive.

Everything has a digitised version, from buying groceries to buying clothes to availing healthcare services. As a result, customers experienced a comfortable way of doing their daily tasks.

With digitisation came data! A big data pool could answer any questions regarding your business, but one needs the expertise to understand and analyse the data.


Why Are Digital Skills Being Included In MBA Courses?

Today the world runs on data-driven digital solutions. Working with data needs knowledge about digital solutions. We all know MBA is a professional course that prepares young corporate leaders or leaders of the future.

Businesses and workers worldwide have begun to replace their offices and workplaces with kitchens and living rooms, and the speed with which we’ve adopted technology to do so has been unparalleled.

Nonetheless, the transition to remote working has highlighted the growing lack of digital skills in practically every business. Moreover, it is a trend expected to continue far into next year and beyond.

We look at why digital skills and upskill are more crucial than ever, especially now.

You might be shocked to hear that digital skills are vital at every level and across the spectrum of almost every industry in our data-driven economy.

Software development, digital marketing and design, online analytics, artificial intelligence (AI), machine and manufacturing technologies are trending skills in all industries. In addition, all big data pools of computer and networking support systems, to mention a few, are essential in workplaces today.

According to a recent Deloitte analysis, the Fourth Industrial Revolution triggered the rapid rise in digital job opportunities and the digital skills gap. In addition, the World Economic Forum predicted that by 2022, over 133 million new roles would be created across these industries.

Today, businesses demand cloud-based developments, cyber security, and a more analytical approach, where it is essential to have trained professionals.


Navigating Build vs Buying Decisions, the Digital Way

It’s a long-running debate. Should you construct new technology solutions in-house or buy them off the market when offering new technology solutions?

In the end, making the best selection necessitates considering five crucial factors:

  • The targeted problems.
  • The available internal expertise.
  • The expenses that will be incurred while building or buying the digital solution.
  • Time is taken for both the options.
  • The flexibility needed by you.

Whatever is the decision, you will need professionals who can identify business problem areas and build a digital solution. You will also need professionals who understand and will be able to operate the same daily.

The ever-evolving business scenario demands digital skills, and MBA aspirants now understand the same. As a result, the MBA courses have started training students on digital marketing or abilities.

One must understand that combining digital skills with MBA courses is a blessing. Today the world runs on digital solutions, and knowing about the same is an added advantage.


There are two sorts of digital skills for MBA students:

Understanding or capacity to operate digital devices, basic and advanced software, and being ‘Digitally Literate’ are all examples of Basic digital skills.

Advanced Digital Skills entail knowing how to use digital technologies in transformative and empowering ways. The more you have professionals who know this, the more you will be able to create smoother ways of operating the business. 

As the MBAs go into the corporate world, one must understand concepts like online sales, digital marketing, analytics, artificial intelligence, and more.


MBA Programs Enabling The Digital Shift

Learning about business strategy or financial analysis at a certain time will no longer be sufficient in the digital world, as company operations are continuously changing.

The countless new job postings that have appeared in recent years are another proof of the growing corporate climate. Today’s MBA students are eager to switch positions, industries, and geographical locations and go into the new business territory.

B-schools have begun to invest in and create long-term connections with their students and alumni as a result of these trends. Furthermore, the effects of digitalisation go beyond the introduction of new courses and formats. The way we consume information has also evolved throughout time.

Online education and modular programme formats are more than just a collection of instructional videos; they are now personalised tools for each programme participant. The “WOW Room” at Spain’s IE Business School is an example of a virtual classroom that resembles a face-to-face environment, making the experience more immersive while combining some of the latest technological advances.

As a consequence of automation, many of the commercial operations and financial services that we have grown accustomed to are becoming more efficient. However, despite technological developments, soft skills remain vital for management and leadership across the world.

MBA programs provide a balanced combination of classroom and off-campus interactions in a digital and physical setting that supports the self-discovery that every responsible business leader needs. Soft skills, sometimes known as “people skills,” are the capacity to interact and communicate successfully with others in the workplace.

Attitude, work ethic, and critical thinking are crucial for aspiring managers and entrepreneurs in any industry.

 Sri Balaji University, Pune (SBUP) hosts an array of MBA programs that are carefully designed to enhance your career. The curriculum has a combination of theory and practical classes along with all the workshops. In addition, industrial experts often come to the institute to guide the students.

SBUP has been acting as an enabler for future corporate leaders. The students are trained and groomed to be prepared for the world of business. The best part of the program is mentors are always there for the students, ensuring complete development as a leader.

The curriculum entails live projects and lessons relevant to the industry’s current needs. If you are a budding MBA aspirant and want to explore more possibilities and opportunities, visit our website and avail all details.

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