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Why MBA Hiring is Set to Rebound Post-Pandemic?

The last two years have been difficult for everyone. The pandemic changed lives in many ways. As industries suffered heavily, recruitment came to a standstill automatically.

Eventually, the downfall of industries questioned the need to do MBA courses. In addition, there was a doubt about the placements and execution of the courses as MBA is a practical way of learning about business administration.

The pandemic fueled the uncertainty that usually comes with pursuing MBA courses. The doubt that comes in terms of getting the right job was now more than usual. As a result, companies had started re-assessing their hiring processes.

People started wondering where MBA is worthy enough or not? Will it be worth the money and time invested? Will online classes have the same impact as physical classes?

Despite all the above doubts, the advantages of pursuing an MBA continue to outweigh the potential disadvantages. MBA is a professional course about business management, where all the aspects are touched.

What Do The Numbers Say?

The MBA degree is a crucial qualification for many positions at a wide range of businesses. For example, it was once the mark of finance and consulting professionals, but today it is an added advantage for all. Moreover, according to hiring managers, an MBA degree is preferable to just a graduate.

According to survey respondents, the IT industry’s need for MBA graduates might increase by 10% in 2021 compared to pre-pandemic 2020. In addition, almost 9 out of 10 corporate recruiters are hiring MBAs due to the growing technology industry.

In 2021, the median MBA salary will mostly recover to $115,000, where it was before the pandemic in 2020. At this rate, MBA graduates earn 77% more than those with a bachelor’s degree ($65,000) and 53% more than those employed directly from the industry ($75,000).

This salary premium demonstrates that earning an MBA certificate pays off over time, with MBA graduates making $3 million more in their lifetime than those with merely a bachelor’s degree.

Why Do Recruiters Prefer MBA Graduates Over Graduates? Let’s Find Out!

Today the industrial world has become highly competitive. Therefore, every skill counts, every bit of knowledge has importance, and relevancy makes the difference. MBA courses are an amalgamation of theory and practical knowledge.

An MBA course includes live projects to understand and identify problems and solutions. Here students are trained to think critically and encouraged to work on solutions. MBA students get a chance to understand everything about the business world before they choose a specialisation.

The overall knowledge also gives the students an edge over just graduates. They are well versed in various aspects of business, enhancing the ability to take up managerial posts.

Recruiters look for MBA degrees in an employee’s resume because of four fundamental reasons:

  1. To be able to think critically is a skill that is needed everywhere. In a well-planned MBA course, students think outside the box, helping them see the bigger picture. In an MBA course, students do not confine themselves to just one way of thinking. Instead, they are encouraged to find more possibilities in a situation.
  2. Recruiters also prefer an MBA because students here learn quick decision making and problem-solving skills. The fast-paced and ever-evolving world demands professionals with sharp decision-making skills.
  3. Speed is an essential quality in today’s workspace. As a result, MBA students learn quick problem-solving skills, ensuring no hindrance because of time constraints. The corporate world understands the value of these skills to a business; thus, hiring MBA students is a smart move.
  4. MBA graduates have practical knowledge that helps them understand the needs of the business whenever needed. For example, a graduate might not be able to execute a task, while MBA graduates are able to understand and resolve solutions from the beginning.
  5. Last but not least, recruiters prefer hiring MBA graduates because of their skill training. From managerial skills to presentation skills to communication skills, the MBA course curriculum encompasses skill training. It becomes easier for MBA graduates to fit into the company’s environment.

Balaji’s take on MBA courses is shaping young corporate leaders – Let us learn how!

Sri Balaji University, Pune (SBUP) hosts an array of MBA specializations. Every course entails a well-planned curriculum, keeping in mind the modern needs of the industry—an industry-relevant course with a balanced mix of theoretical and practical knowledge.

The professional course incorporates industry-relevant skill training, workshops by industry leaders and live projects. The course aims to train and enhance future leaders of the world with knowledge and expertise.

Thoughtfully built campuses and well-organized online classes both have their way of encouraging students to learn and understand various concepts. In addition, the industry-relevant curriculum is taught by teachers with several years of experience. They mentor and guide students towards becoming better professionals.

SBUP aims to take students a step ahead and experience a true sense of achievement through knowledge. So, if the next step towards your dream career is doing an MBA, consider visiting our website to know more about Sri Balaji University, Pune’s industry-relevant and updated courses.

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