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By Omkar Jakate. SBUP MBA Class of 2021-23

Who am I? Know about me!!                                         

Hello, readers hope you all are doing great, Omkar Dattatray Jakate & I’m from Kolhapur, Maharashtra. I have done my school and jr. college in New Model English School and jr. College and completed my Graduation in BCS from Vivekanand College, Shivaji University, Kolhapur. Currently, I am pursuing MBA at Balaji Institute of International Business, Shri Balaji University, Pune. In this blog, I am sharing my overall story of joining SBUP, experience, expectations, benefits, and many more about Shri Balaji University. I hope you enjoy reading this blog. 

My Experience and How I got to know about SBUP: 

Talking about my story, and why I choose to do an MBA, ever since I was a kid, I have had a keen interest to run a business of my own, and this motivated me to start early and take hands-on experience by launching a start-up in software development and social media marketing while doing my graduation. But during these struggling days, I came across my weaknesses and get to know what capabilities, skills, knowledge I must have to be successful in the corporate world. That was the time when I decided to do MBA and gain at most knowledge. I started searching for the best MBA colleges in India as I did not want to go for an IIM. I started searching for colleges, calling my friends, and texting LinkedIn connections who had done the MBA and then from all these sources I got to know about Shri Balaji University, Pune. I visited their website, read all the information provided, saw how I can apply for the MBA program. It was all that I was looking for in any college i.e. exposure to corporate, high placements, disciplined, dedicated, and highly qualified faculty, engaging 365 working days and the one thing that everyone wants is a big campus. As told by a lot of connections it was the college where one can guarantee their first-class career if they only do arduous work and follow 3 D’s i.e. Determination, Dedication, Discipline, set by the great founder of SBUP Professor Dr. (Col) A. Balasubramanian. I applied for the university and got placed in BIIB, as due to lockdown I was not able to visit the campus I virtually visited through YouTube!! Looking at the campus I was overly excited to visit the university and give a kick start to my bright career ahead.

Now that I told you how I got to know about SBUP and all the things, I will tell you Why Anyone Should Choose SBUP? 

Key Reasons to join SBUP are as follows: – 

1) One application to all 4 Institutes in SBUP i.e., BIMM, BITM, BIIB, BIMHRD having 9 different MBA programs.

2) 100% placement records, better ROI, and strict discipline.

3) It follows the rule of 3 D’s i.e., Determination, Dedication, and Discipline.

4) 365 dedicated working days.

5) Crowd of ambitious, focused, full of dedicated students. 

6) Big campus, disciplined hostel & real corporate exposure.

7) Facility of sports, a reading room, a yoga room, and a gym.

8) Highly qualified, Helpful, and supportive faculties with rich experience in the teaching field.

9) Located in Pune between the Industrial Belt and IT Hub.

10) Internship opportunities, Sports facilities, Festival events, guest lectures, and many more.

Expectations and Benefits that a student gets from SBUP: –

1) For the first two months, there is an induction program known as BSBT where various rivers are formed of students from all 4 institutes together in that, you learn accounting and statistics, attend guest lectures & presentations. Where you develop your cognitive skills.

2) After BSBT you will be given your specialization and sent to respected institutes. Every specialization is doing great here. Faculties are excellent. Rigorous schedule but you’ll get habitual to it.

3) You will be sitting for internship interviews while giving your 1st semester. A 2 months internship at the end of 1st year is compulsory. In that, you will be hired by companies to do real-time projects and get hands-on experience incorporate.

4) After the internship, you will start with 2nd year. Placement starts in the month of October. And every year before the end of December, about 50% of students get placed in top companies. with an average package from 6 to 7 lac. 

5) SBUP TOI has ranked no 11 of the top MBA institutes in India. 

6) Discipline factor to maintain 90% attendance to sit in top 150 companies for the placement. Students with 100% attendance will be given cash awards.

7) A 365-day rigorous schedule to be skilled and knowledgeable. But it will be worth it. You will be taught many different subjects that no other MBA colleges do and a portion in SBUP is changed as the corporate world demands changes from a management student.                     

8) There are 3 dedicated scholarships offered by SBUP for its students whose economic conditions are not good.

Finally, a piece advice for the future MBA applicants

So, summing up everything, as per my point of view, it will be a wonderful experience MBA aspirant who are looking for a bright future in the Corporate. The only thing you need to follow is you must be determined, dedicated, and disciplined towards your bright career path doing an MBA. You must maintain above 90% attendance at SBUP and try not to get backlogs / clear backlogs. College is doing everything that needs to be done for you to be successful the only thing you need to do is stay inspired, motivated, and disciplined towards your studies. Do not just learn from books, study people, and real-world problems (small or big), management is about helping others reach their potential. If you can connect with people, you can be a far better manager than someone who just understands numbers and theories. And lastly, chase money but not at the cost of health and peace of mind.

All the best.

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