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By Anshika Tiwari, SBUP MBA Class of 2021-23

School life and college life both are the memorable times of a person’s life, but both are quite different. Also, we get a chance to shape our career by taking the right decisions and putting our sweat and blood to achieve something. Post-graduation is not only about studies and academics but also about the overall development of an individual through various events and challenges.

I am a student of one of the most reputed colleges of India i.e., Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM) batch of 2021-2023, which is a constituent Institute of Sri Balaji University, Pune. I have completed my Bachelor of Commerce (Marketing Management) degree from St. Aloysius’ College Jabalpur and my schooling from Christ Church Girls’ Senior Secondary School. My father is a pharmacist in Jabalpur who has been successfully running a pharmaceutical store for 30 years. My mother is a homemaker and has been an inspiration to me since she is the backbone of our family. I live in a joint family with my father, mother, a younger sister, uncle, aunt, cousin brother, and sister who is also an alum of Sri Balaji University, Pune.

I am from Jabalpur, the cultural capital of Madhya Pradesh also called the marble city, justifying its name it is a melting pot of cultures from across India. It has been named the marble city because of Bhedaghat marble rocks which are well known for their white marble cliffs that give remarkable scenery as you sail there. During the freedom struggle, it was Acharya Vinoba Bhave who visited Jabalpur and was quite amazed by the cities mannerisms and hospitality hence he named the city Sanskaar dhaani.

The quaint town of Bhedaghat in Jabalpur district is popular with tourists for its misty Dhuandhar fall and colossal marble rocks. The waterfall has been named so because of the smoky appearance of the water falling off the cliff with utmost force. Another thing that attracts tourists from all over the world is the incredible craft of marble sculpting that this place has to offer. Marble and stone moulding is a full-fledged business here. The sculptors shape the white marble into intricate deities and other quirky sculptures.

While walking along the shopping streets and ghats, one can witness carvers at work, busy making the masterpieces. A few days ago, I visited Bhedaghat I saw the astonishing carvers carving our names on marble sand bought masterpieces made of white and colourful marble. If you are on a visit to Jabalpur, do not forget to visit the Bhadaghat’s Dhuandhar fall, marble rocks, and shop marble handicrafts for your family and friends.


Besides the tourist places, there are hundreds of reasons why you will love to visit Jabalpur, from the best dosa to momos, from pasta to pizza there are so many varieties to eat.

Apart from tourist places, Jabalpur is famous for its aromatic Poha, Jalebi, a breakfast that refreshes everyone’s mood and is a delight watching the Gwarigh at sunrise along with it.

Talking about SBUP, it is one of the renowned and best Universities of Pune, which covers an area of 16.5 acres. It has a beautiful green campus with many AICTE approved courses in MBA like Marketing, IT & Marketing, Finance, Operations & Supply Chain, Business Analytics, PM & HRD.

The first time I heard about Sri Balaji University, Pune was in 2012, when my elder sister Damini Tiwari, now an alum of BIMHRD took the admission for MBA / Post graduation in PM & HRD. It was a didn’t think much about it at that time because I was all of 12 years old then and did not know the value of pursuing an MBA from a prestigious Institute like Sri Balaji University, Pune. Fast forward, now in 2021 when it was my moment to take a major decision of my life, she guided me and suggested puttingSBUP as one of the colleges on my bucket list. I now realize that it was a right decision whereby I managed to secure admission for pursing my MBA in Marketing at Balaji Institute of Modern Management (BIMM) one of the MBA Institutes under the Sri Balaji University, Pune. After researching and finding more about SBUP I decided to apply for MBA in BIMM since it is one of the oldest constituent Institutes of SBUP.

When I first took admission at SBUP, I was shy, also because we were attending classes virtually and could not meet anyone in person. As much as I aspired to study away from my hometown Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh, it was particularly difficult for me to step out of my comfort zone during the first few months. But hey, if you want something you have never had before, you have got to do something you have never done before, right?

I was anxious as all the people were new to me and from metro cities living lavish livesunlike here inJabalpur. But soon, I started enjoying my college life and made some trustworthy friends. I participated in the events like Independence Day and drawing and painting competitions.

The first3 months in college naturally had lots of new situations for me to get used to, virtually meeting and interacting with so many new personalities, some sweet, some bitter. There was a lot more excitement than in school and under graduation, a need to take a lot more notes during class, longer duration of classes and a larger amounts of group assignments.The exams involved a lot more case studies and were a lot more serious than what I had appeared before. As time passed, even though everything was virtual my classmates were supportive and opposite of what I thought of them to be selfish and rude.

The institute enjoys a prominent reputation in the corporate world through the quality and excellence displayed by its students and alumni in the industry. SBUP is a multi-lingual and multi-cultural campus that is a combination of all cultures and ethnicity in India. SBUP celebrates almost all festivities of India with great enthusiasm and zeal. The University extends utmost support and encouragement for these festivals and events and not only students, but faculty members and administration also take part in them.

These fests allow students to socialize with new people and highlight their talent to everyone which builds their confidence and helps them in their future. I have had the opportunity to participate in these fests, and I have the best exposure and experience of my life through this fest.

The internships opportunities provided at various corporates through SBUP are yet another important reason in the success of the University. Each student is required to undergo an internship which can be across any industry and any part of India, which takes place after a first and second semester in the first year. We the MBA Class of 2021-2023 are currently enrolled for the internship process where by top companies from numerous industries for various specific specialization. It is an entirely new experience for me as I am a fresher and inexperienced in any kind of job or internship.

The placements at SBUP have been record-breaking every year and I have witnessed it closely since my sister is at one of the top positions in an IT company. A mass of top-notch companies visit every year and successfully place our student managers. This year as well 95% of students have been placed in the top companies across India. The Institute is working tirelessly in placing the remaining students. I believe SBUP is another support system for the success of a student when talking about getting placement after doing an MBA.

The only advice to upcoming student managers of SBUP is that these 2 years would be a remarkable and essential time in a person’s life, and everyone should enjoy it. Two years of MBA life teaches us many things and builds our confidence to face new challenges and struggles in the future. Instead of just focusing on the study, a person must participate in other activities and socialize as much as possible in his/her college life as all these things help in the overall development of a person. Along these times every individual cherishes these years and always wishes to relive that time once it is over.

This happens to be my journey so far at SBUP.

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Kunal Ahirrao
Kunal Ahirrao
2 years ago

Well done Buddy

Gaurav Patil
Gaurav Patil
2 years ago


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