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By Nidhi Arak. SBUP MBA Class of 2021-23

The thought of doing MBA caught up my mind when I got to meet a high school friend from my last year. And as we say, “The Grown-Up thing,” was clearly seen. Then was the time that I got really interested in knowing more about MBA and best colleges in Maharashtra. During this time, I came across many colleges from Aurangabad and around. But by then I was of the view that if doing a corporate job is the only motive, I should go for a college that assures me 100% placement.

Initially I started talking to folks who did theirMBA from colleges in Pune and got to meet this one person who stated to be a good family friend named Swapnil. He did his MBA from one of the MBA colleges in Pune. But to my surprise he had many good things to say about SBUP then about his own MBA college. He did tell me about all the other institute but then he first asked me to study on all the related aspect to decide which specialization and to gather basic knowledge of colleges I am interested in. I started to connect with colleges and started giving entrances. When I got selected from all the entrances there was again confusion. And yet again with a question mark I went to Swapnil and asked that if you were in such a situation what you woulddo.To which he said that if it is all about placement u should prefer SBUP which is the main motive is what made meconclude my decision to have enrolled myself in at Sri Balaji University, Pune.

So now, being a student of BIMM- PM&HRDI feel fortunate enough to have taken this decision as this new place is about all the opportunities that I was looking for. Other than Academics all the areas that it sharpensarehow to make yourself marketable to the corporate world through communication, being presentable with adequate knowledge of the subject.

From the very first day, the Institutealso providedus with skill enhancing training for students fromevery background to level up on a commonbasis.And to deal with the current situation of online learning the Institute provided internet data dongles and all course related textbooks,at my place.Adding up to this,SBUPnamed itselfwithin those two colleges in Pune that provides free Coursera learning platform for their students.SPUP work ethics and format may seem a bit strict in concern to the way they want their student to work and be abided by its rules. I can completely assure that it would all be worth it if youwere a part of the institution and found yourself growing up in the area you have only imagined yourself in.As it is all about the opportunitiesthat you grasp and put your skills into.

As the Institute has now decided to reopen, following government guidelines and taking adequate safety measures, I can assure every student is equally excited to be in the SBUP Pune college campus. Not only the student but also the faculty that have indulged themselves in getting to know all the virtual teaching techniques. We all are eager to witness the beautiful campus and to experience the hostel life. Having seen the campus my personal favorite part of the hostel campus is the gym and pool area. Also, to have a spiritual connect the campus also have a Balaji& Ganesha temple and also a wide variety of flora and fauna.

Considering the current scenario to what the college have decided called “bio bubble” is the only reason my parents have made their decision to send me to the campus and I am sure that being in campus would allow me the exposure that my University was making sure and was trying to make it possible for me online.

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Pranay Subhash Rajankar
Pranay Subhash Rajankar
2 years ago


Pravin Gawai
Pravin Gawai
2 years ago

Osm Explanation… It’s very useful Updates💎 Thank You Nidhi💐💐

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