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By Vaibhav Bhatt. SBUP MBA Class of 2021-23

I was working well in a Delhi based start-up as a Digital Marketing Associate Manager, until I realized the potential of a MBA degree/ post-graduate. Hence I started for a hunt of a good MBA university and landed on SBUP (Sri Balaji University, Pune –

Today the institute is among the top 5 best B-schools in Pune and is best in terms of ROI. The institution believes in the 3 D’s that is Dedication, Determination and discipline. A institution where Students develop as a corporate giants.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Source -Wikipedia

But first thing first – WHY MBA?

There should not be a single doubt about this question if you are working/aspiring as a Marketing head or seek leadership, that is why it is called Masters of Business Administration.I was looking to lead but while working, I usually found myself not quite confident on my decisions and that is a big bold hindrance for my career and MBA seems perfect program for these kinds of goals.

Here comes the Big question – Why I choose SBUP?

In India the total number of registered MBA colleges are 5200 ~ approx. and there are IIMs too, but there is a catch – IIM or Harvard none of them guarantee your success. SBUP got my attention in first place because of my friend who is now an prestige alumni of SBUP university and on the other hand one of my friend from IIM who is not even happy with his job, FYI – their salary packages are same.

To be honest, one of the main factor you see in a university is its ROI (Return of investment) and SBUP has a track record of 100% placements. So better not to waste 1-2 years preparing for CAT and waiting for the right college or university, I went with my friend advice, again a decision I was not quite confident.

Journey SO FAR!

Before taking admission into the SBUP university I did a R&D myself and found it to be true, none of my other MBA friends recommended their own colleges/universities and told me to avoid those, but SBUP university was an instant recommendation from my alumni friend from the same university.

The Founder Chancellor, Prof. Dr. (Col.) A. Balasubramanian was a great man and truly believed in what he was doing, I only heard his legacy while doing R&D but understood now, while pursuing MBA from SBUP. He didn’t saw students as students but as future corporate leaders.

They strictly believed in 3 D’s:

  • Dedication: Due to covid and work/study from home policies I was afraid as to how will be an online class make a difference and what can I gain from them, to be surprised by the process of conducting online classes I have seen the dedication of the faculty. This inspires the one to give 100% every time.


  • Determination: The main goal of this University is to make you a valuable asset for the business with the help of their regular sessions on leadership, case studies and interactions with corporate leaders.


  • Discipline: A common belief is creative minds lies within indiscipline, which I got to know to be a excuse. Discipline is a not to be missed recipe for your success, which is a checkbox to be ticked here. I can relate myself with this example as I have seen my growth by bringing discipline into my life.

The coverage of companies for placement is an added advantage here, I am planning to go through an internship which is also being guided by my faculty at SBUP. They provide you the right platform to apply and understand the requirements, role and significance.

There is a huge number of companies/organisations coming into the university to seek professionals like us and I am very much excited to join a right fit for myself.

I am now confident enough to write about it that I made the right decision, there couldn’t be a better future I would imagine for myself here. Hopes are high and there is still a lot to learn from SBUP university.

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Shubham Sharma
Shubham Sharma
2 years ago

Amazing write-up.

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