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By Ashlesha, SBUP MBA Class of 2021-23

Hello everyone, I am Ashlesha from BIMHRD Marketing Management SBUP MBA Class of 2021-23. I belong to Bhilai, Chhattisgarh. Bhilai is a beautiful place, full of greenery and a planned city with all facilities. Bhilai is famous for the Bhilai Steel Plant, one of the largest steel plants in India and is renowned as the sole manufacturer of rails in India that is used by Indian Railways. I love my city; here time goes at its own pace and without any rush. Who knew one day I would leave this place and move to Pune, to pursue my dreams and my MBA at Sri Balaji University, Pune?

My journey to Balaji was quite memorable because when it started, I was not aware that of the fact, that I’m taking my first step towards my dream and my aim by applying for admission to the prestigious Sri Balaji University, Pune. 

So here is how I came to know about Sri Balaji University. The journey started after my graudation final semester exams were over, before exams I had never thought about MBA. I always wanted to learn Digital Marketing and wanted to do PGDM. My parents were not sure and they wanted me to choose a more reliable field as they did not know about Digital Marketing. And after the result declaration, they got a strong reason or motive to prove me wrong that I should not go for Digital Marketing and waste one more year. Eventually, I decided to do an MBA. I took the decision very late so most of all entrance exam form submission dates were gone, only the MAT exam registration date was left so I quickly filled the form and started preparing for it. Along with that college search also started, to be very particular I searched “Top MBA colleges in India”, “Top MBA colleges in MP”, Top MBA colleges in

Maharashtra” and made a long list of names of colleges. Then I went to take an exam and scored decent percentile.

One by one I started applying to every college, appeared in several interviews. I applied to every college where I was eligible, I did not want to miss any opportunity and waste a year again.

I had been selected in a few colleges; one of the colleges was Balaji Institute of Management and Human Resource Development (BIMHRD) of Sri Balaji University, Pune. I vividly remember lots of discussion happening, everyone in my family including my sister, my parents, my cousins were giving their opinion. On the other side, I was confused, I had never imagined myself doing MBA, but I was impressed with Sri Balaji University, Pune. I observed a distinct difference in the manner the University officials addressed the students before the Group Discussions  (GD) round which was very motivating.

Earlier I did not know about SBUP, after GD/PI round one more college name was crossing my mind

where I could see myself in the future but I was not sure.

I took the help of my parents and sister. I contact my seniors and ask them for help in selecting a college. To my surprise, almost all of them whom I asked to guide me to select college when I said I got selected in SBUP, their reaction was, ‘What else do you want. Just go for it without any second thought.’ And I was like what’s so special there and my brother said: “Your future will be safe if you choose to go to Sri Balaji University, Pune.” I was so overwhelmed and without any second thought, I finally decided to join SBUP.

Due to lockdown and COVID our classes started online. The first day was the orientation day and I was excited sitting with pen and paper to note down everything and I was so inspired and admire the uniqueness of Sri Balaji University, Pune. l had never seen ‘Hawan and Pooja’  for students on the orientation day. I was carefully listening to all the speeches by Vice Chancellor, Directors, Stalwarts, and Alumni. Everyone shared very important life lessons, sharing a lot of information, knowledge, facts, and figures and I was noting down everything. I also learned about Bala Sir and what he had done and how he created a legacy, he became a true inspiration for me. 

Then as classes started my life had changed. Some changes were good and some were new, it was difficult to adjust and adapt the routine at home but somehow, I managed and cope up with the situation. I made lots of friends from different regions it was interesting to know people from different regions of India. I feel blessed and fortunate to get selected in the Digital Marketing team and get an opportunity to work with brilliant minds Biju Pillai Sir, Deepak Rai Sir, and my Digital Marketing Team. As time is passing, challenges are increasing, sometimes also feel exhausted and frustrated but as our beloved Bala Sir has always said “Problems are Opportunity”. I applied that in my life and in the process have become a true Balaji an. To move forward and change and adapt is to be a true Balaji an, a life long student of Sri Balaji University, Pune.

If you are looking to take that first step towards your dreams, just like me and thousands of students and now alumni before me – Sri Balaji University, Pune is the Institute one should seriously consider for applying into their post-graduation MBA degree journey.

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