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By Mohit Lowanshi,SBUP MBA Class of 2021-23.

Hello!My name is Mohit Lowanshi I was brought up in a typical middle-class family. My mother is a housewife, and my father does agricultural work and my sister ispursuing her graduation.I belong to a very small town in Madhya Pradesh name SeoniMalwa.

I’ve been living in Indore for the past four years as I have completed my graduation from IPS Academy, Indore. I was good in studies, right from school till my graduation. But I was a boy of few words, and never participated in other activities like gatherings, sports, dance, etc. This continued till school but after that everything changed. In my graduation period, I enhance myself a lot apart from my studies. With that confidence I am here today at Sri Balaji University, Pune (SBUP).

How I heard about SBUP

After completing my graduation I was not sure which college to choose, and at the same time, my entrance exam score was very low. Then with my job, I prepared again for the entrances and continued my research about which college to select. Trust me it’s not that easy. One day I was scrolling through social media and come across the Sri Balaji University, Pune advertisement then I did my research again about the college. I got some connections also who were pursuing their MBA or had passed out from SBUP, with every positive review I received, my decision got final to take admission at SBUP. Getting into SBUP is not that easy.One needs to perform well in all three rounds of selection – written, group discussions and personal interview.Getting a good percentile is not enough. You would have to clear the interviews too. The interviews are more like conversations happening between you and the interviewer. If you make sense to him/her, you will clear the interview. If you and the interviewer have a different view on a particular topic, explain your view and try to understand his/her views. For me to perform well in the selection process is a challenge and after that to decide which college to choose among I shortlisted is the bigger one. But SBUP gave all the things which I wanted for and strong recommendations the alumni of SBUP help me to clear my thoughts.

If you have done all these things correctly, you have a very good chance of making it into the Sri Balaji University, Pune.

I am learning and exploring a lot at SBUP, every single day. The corporate lectures, research projects, industrial/corporate presentations, coursera courses provided by SBUP has helped me a lot to enhance myself. So, “My advice for the aspirants” If you are shortlisted for SBUP, go for it, you will learn a lot, explore a lot, and I must say it would be your best decision.

As Covid is hopefully behind us, I am moving to the campus on 8 of December 2021. So, “What are my expectations from the SBUP?”  I have high hope and expectations. I admit that I want to have a lot of fun socially, but I also want to succeed academically. I believe SBUP is a good place for me. I think being on this campus is going to help me grow as a person. I hope to meet new people. I’m looking forward to learning about other people and their backgrounds, where they come from, I think it’s interesting to get to know people who grew up from a different culture/background than myself.

As far as academics go, I am looking forward to learn, learn and learn and gather as much as I can in these two years so I am prepared for the future. I know the work is going to be tougher than I have gone through till now. I think I am up for the challenges and plan on pushing myself to always give one hundred percent in the classroom. As my “Dream” is to get the best placement from SBUP, to learn as much as I can and enhance myself as much as I can. SBUP is my first step towards my dreams.

Thank you.

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Janhavi parab
Janhavi parab
2 years ago

What a amazing journey!!💫…keep the hardwork going and good luck 👍😊

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